The Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (UNMSM) opens its doors to foreign students of institutions that don’t have an agreement with us through its International Programme of Academic Mobility to Free Students, which has as its objective to facilitate their register in our University.

San Marcos offers to the foreign students the service of consultancy to obtain the Temporal visa of student and give the academic support for the accomplishment of their stay of studies. Each student receives the designation of a tutor who orients his/her during the process of registration in the Faculty. Concluding the stay they receive their certificates and return to their universities of origin where they will carry on with their studies.

Furthermore the UNMSM offers the services of the library, transportation into the campus, gym, Internet, university clinic, and centres of social, cultural and academic activities.


The students that are interested in following some studies through the “Free Students Programme” must send the following documents:

  • Form of Academic Mobility Application. Propose a Plan of study or academic activities (research or practice) to be followed at San Marcos. Check Study Plans on the web page of each Faculty and/or in the Registration web page in the section Información Académica you select Facultad, in Programathe EAP (Professional Academic School), in Especialidades Estudios Generales and the last Plan de Estudios. If you choose courses of Master or other programmes we have to coordinate in advance because they change each semester.
  • Letter of presentation emitted by the Origin University (signed by the Dean, Tutor or Director of International Relations) where it’s indicated the student condition of the applicant, the semester that he/she is studying, their speciality and the period of study that he/she wishes to follow. The foreign students must have studied at least two academics years or their equivalent one in credits.
  • Curriculum vitae in Spanish.
  • Brief of the student where explains the reasons or interests that has for studying at San Marcos.
  • Certificates of studies or Transcript of Records (Translated to Spanish).
  • Photocopy of the Passport.
  • Two colours ID-sized photographs.


  • The student must have proficiency in the Spanish language because the courses are conducted in this one. If he/she wants to follow a course of Spanish for Foreigners it must be asked in advance.
  • Each student has to cover his/her expenses of international transportation, health insurance and living costs during his/her stay. It’s recommended to have a savings account from his/her origin country.
  • According to the Faculty, the Free Students have to pay registration fees that are roughly US$ 10 for each credit.
  • To follow practices or research stays you must have been accepted by the School of the Faculty of destiny previously.
  • Our academic year is mainly development in two semesters:

Odd Semester–2009 I: March 16th – July 17th
Even Semester–2009 II: August 17th – December 18th
There are some Faculties that have their Plans of Studies by academic years as: Derecho y Ciencia Política, Contabilidad, Odontología, Medicina Veterinaria, Medicina.
The students need to bear in mind this to structure their Plan of study.

The documents must be addressed to:
Jefe de la Oficina General de Cooperación y Relaciones interinstitucionales
Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos
Av. Germán Amézaga s/n. Edificio Jorge Basadre, 3er. piso., Oficina 303.
Ciudad Universitaria. Lima 1 -Perú.

The deadlines to receive the student’s file for the academic year are:

  • Odd semester (2009 I): January 30th of 2009
  • Pair semester (2009 II): June 30th of 2009

We recommend sending the documents in advance by E-mail to speed up the processes.

To more information, communicate with:

Mirta Verónica ROLDÁN-FLORES
International Programme of Academic Mobility
Oficina General de Cooperación y Relaciones Interinstitucionales
Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos
Av. Germán Amézaga s/n. Edificio Jorge Basadre, 3er. piso., Oficina 303.
Ciudad Universitaria. Lima 1 -Perú.
Phone: (00-51-1) 6197000 Ext. 7408
Fax: (00-51-1) 6197000 Ext. 7395