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Programa de Intercambio por convenio


Versión en español

The Exchange Program by Agreement is management by the OGCRI and has as objective facilitate the register in San Marcos to students of foreign universities, with which we have an agreement of cooperation for this academic exchanges.

The National Major San Marcos University offers to the foreign student advise to obtain the official visa and give the academic support for the accomplishment of its stage of studies. Each student receives the designation of a tutor who orients him during the process of registration in the Faculty. Concluding their stage receives their certificates and returns to their universities of origin where they conclude its university studies.

The academic year is divided into two semesters: odd semester:
( March 15- July 15) and pair semester ( August – December 15)
Also the UNMSM offers the services of the library, transportation into the campus, gym, internet, university clinic, and centers of social, cultural and academic activities.

The students that are interested in take some courses through the “Exchange Program by agreement”, must send the following documents:

- Letter of presentation, emitted by the university of origin ( signed by the Dean, Tutor o Director of International Relations), addressed to the Office for Cooperation and International Liaisons. The letter must indicate the condition of student of the applicant, the semester in which it is, its specialty and the period of study that wishes to make. The student of exchange must have studied at least two academics years or their equivalent one in credits.

- Certificates of studies. (Translated to Spanish).

- Curriculum vitae in Spanish.

- Brief giving the reasons or interest that have for studying in San Marcos.

- Photocopy of the passport or ID.

- Two colors passport -sized photographs

The courses will be organized and conducted in Spanish and consequently his proficiency in the Spanish language is required.

Each student have to cover his expenses of international transportation and living costs during his stage.

In the case of exist interest on the part of a student but without agreement, San Marcos opens its doors to the foreign students through the Program as “Free Students”. The students interested in apply to this program must send the same documentation that the Exchange Program by Agreement, indicating its university of origin.

Soon, as part of the internationalization of the University, San Marcos will be opening some programs for organized groups conducted in English.

Foreign students in San Marcos
Exchange by agreement...Europe-Asia-Latin America
Exchange by agreement...United states-Canada
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